Apply for Approval to Discharge

We require a Hauled Wastewater Request form to be completed for new hauled wastewater customers.  This form can be filled out over the phone, (618) 337-9776, with the help of an American Bottoms representative, or can be printed and sent to American Bottoms via fax, (618) 337-8919.

We can review the specifics of your wastewater with you and quote you a price.
Contact us by phone at (618) 337-9776 or email at

We will need to know the generator’s name, address, and IEPA site ID number. If the generation site already has an IEPA site number from the Bureau of Land, it should be listed in the Bureau of Land Inventory Database. If the Generator doesn’t already have an IEPA site number, obtain one by contacting IEPA’s the Office of Small Business and ask for a copy of the “Illinois EPA Inventory Identification Number Application.” You can reach the IEPA’s Office of Small Business at (217) 524-2743 or (888) 372-1996.

Once approved, we will provide you with:

  • a brief hauled wastewater agreement that sets the rate and conditions for your discharge and
  • tracking forms to track your wastewater shipments

Interested in becoming an approved transporter?

Hauler’s Application

Only pre-approved transporters can deliver hauled wastewaters to our PChem facility for discharge. You will need a special waste transporter permit from Illinois EPA and you will need to meet ABRTF’s insurance requirements .

http://Transportation of Waters (

View our insurance requirements

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