Accepted Materials

Our multiple treatment processes allow us to accept a variety of wastewaters.

We can accept wastewaters with:

  • pH between 3 and 11
  • significant concentrations of most metals
  • oil content up to 10%

We can accept many wastewaters of the following types:

  • petroleum-contaminated water from underground storage tanks and site remediation
  • high organic strength liquids such as food processing wastewaters, etc.
  • special wastewater such as landfill leachate

Unfortunately, we cannot accept food service grease, or wastewaters containing PCBs, pesticides, or significant amounts of mercury. We also cannot accept wastewater containing hazardous waste.

Wastewaters regulated by USEPA as “categorical” must meet USEPA standards and permitting requirements when discharged to any publicly owned treatment plant, including ours.

View Categorical Industrial Operations Subject to USEPA Pretreatment Regulations

Not sure if your wastewater is “categorical,” contact us, and let us assist.

Only pre-approved transporters can deliver hauled wastewaters for discharge.