Water Shutoff Information

I pay my water bill, but I received a notice for disconnect from American Bottoms, why?

You got this notice because your American Bottoms bill is delinquent.  When you pay your water bill, you’re NOT paying your American Bottoms bill too.  Our services are not supplied by, nor billed through, your water company.

The American Bottoms bill comes out every month, and you’re expected to pay it every month.  When you don’t, it becomes delinquent, and we have your water services interrupted.

Illinois Complied Statues:  Chapter 65 ILCS 11/141-7 enables American Bottoms to require water companies to discontinue water service for unpaid wastewater bills.  American Bottoms pays each water company for this shutoff service and lost revenue charges.  These fees are passed back to the customer.

The very best way to avoid water shutoff and all the fess associated with shutoff is to pay your bill each month and not carry a balance forward.

What should I do when I get a notice that my water could be shut off?

DO NOT call your water company.  They cannot help you.

Call American Bottoms Customer Accounts at (618) 337-9000 to find out the amount you need to pay to avoid shutoff.  Your letter from American Bottoms will have your payment due date.  A Customer Account Rep can also let you know this date if you’ve misplaced your letter or have forgotten this important date.

You’ll also get a letter from your water company indicating when your water will be disconnected.  American Bottoms does not offer extensions beyond this date.  These dates are negotiated with the various water companies months in advance.

We suggest you NOT pay by mail if you’ve received a water disconnect notice.  Your payment may not reach us by your payment due date of mailed.  Click here for payment options

After you pay, be sure to call Customer Accounts, (618) 337-9000, so your payment can be verified and your account can be removed from the water shutoff process.

My water just got shutoff.  What do I need to do to get it turned back on?

If your water was turned off for a delinquent American Bottoms bill, call (618) 337-9000.  Any of the Customer Account Reps can tell you the amount you’ll need to pay for restoration.  You’ll also be required to pay for all the fees the water company charges American Bottoms for their services.

It’s best to call early.  American Bottoms does not turn the water on or off, the water company does.  If you call early in the day, you have a better chance of getting your water back on the same day.  American Bottoms cannot guarantee when a service technician will visit your home, or if they can do it the same day you pay.  As soon as you call with payment information, we’ll verify the payment and call your water company.

What are the fees I’m responsible for if I got a water shutoff notification?

Your water company does water shutoffs for us if you do not pay your American Bottoms bill.  Your water company charges us for this service, and we pass these fees back to you.

Depending on the water company you use, the fees will vary.  Depending on the water company, you may be charged a processing fee on the day of shutoff, even if your water is not turned off.  The water shutoff notice you get lists the fees.  They can run anywhere from $20 to over $100 depending on the water company.

If you tamper with your meter, you will be charged additional fees.  The longer your water is off, the more fees you may incur.  Paying before your payment due date will help you avoid fees and service interruption.