Safety Record

Safety is the foundation of the company’s culture.   

We’ve had no Lost Time Injury (LTI) since December 16, 2022!

It is the responsibility of each and every employee to adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of this policy.  The concern for safety must never be viewed as burdensome or unnecessary. Safety must be an integral part of everyone’s work habits.  All employees have a responsibility to stay informed about health and safety matters, and to promptly advise their immediate supervisor of any adverse situation that comes to their attention.

American Bottoms has developed an Employee Health & Safety Program to ensure that its employees, as well as contractors and visitors to the facility, have a safe environment in which to work.  It is our policy to maintain a Safety & Health program conforming to the best practices within our industry. Occupational hazards are minimized, and safe practices and procedures are established to eliminate accidents and injuries.  Employees are continually made aware of the hazards and how to protect themselves and others from harm. The cooperation and commitment of employees at all levels within the organization is what makes this program a success.

Our previous LTI record was 3,065 days, from September 9, 2009 to January 29, 2018. American Bottoms is committed to the safety and welfare of its employees and the community.

To achieve this commitment to safety, the company and its employees:

  1. Conduct business operations in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  2. Follow legal and regulatory guidelines, and develop standards where laws and regulations are not adequately protective.
  3. Conduct business operations compliant with industry codes, standards, and Generally Accepted Safe Work Practices.
  4. Supply all personal protective clothing, equipment, and tools to all plant employees
  5. Maintain and follow safety training programs so all employees know, understand, and follow the laws, regulations, and company standards.
  6. Maintain and follow an Accident Prevention and Occupational Health program to safeguard employees, customers and the public from injuries and hazards, all while continuing normal operations.
  7. Discontinue any operation that cannot be conducted in a manner consistent with this policy.
  8. Take all necessary actions, including discipline, to fulfill these objectives.
Year #LTI
2023 0
2022 1
2021 0
2020 0
2019 0
2018 2
2017 0
2016 0
2015 0
2014 0
2013 0
2012 0
2011 0
2010 0
2009 2
2008 3
2007 0
2006 1
2005 2
2004 0
2003 1
2002 1