The following poem was written by a mechanic that worked at American Bottoms from 2004 until 2015. It sums up nicely the beliefs and values that we share as a company.

I’d like to spend some time with you and share what’s on my mind
Some thoughts about the future, both yours and mine

It’s not about vacation plans or friends or going fishin’
It’s a couple of things important to us; it’s our Vision and our Mission

Our Vision is a simple one, we’re not going to pollute
We’ll take the bad and make it good, because we give a hoot

This nasty water we take in is not fit for beast or man
We’ll take all the nasty’s out, and do it as best we can

We’re going to do this every day, like surgeons sewing sutures
Because we want our water clean right now and continue in the future

Now we have a Mission and our customers are at stake
We’ll show them we can do it and great effort we will make

Safety will be number one, let no one suffer pain
Operating without injuries, the rewards are ours to gain

We’ll follow all the guidelines, assuring we’re compliant
No shortcuts or deceiving ways, we’ll be totally reliant

This whole process comes with a cost and a handed down directive
Do it well and do it right, but keep it cost effective

So cross your T’s and dot your I’s, make no decision in haste
Let’s work with pride and dignity and reduce all forms of waste

We’re going to set examples, raise the bar and follow through
All will watch with wonder while we do what it is we do

Doing our part to clean things up, in water and on land
These simple steps that we partake in, is the magic that makes us grand.

– Gary Myers