How We Do It

American Bottoms Plant: Biological Treatment

STEP 3: Primary TreatmentThe American Bottoms Plant uses biological treatment in order to remove contaminants from the influent wastewater.  Ultimately, this means that the operators must monitor and control the plant environment to allow a healthy bacteria population to grow and thrive.  These bugs, as we affectionately refer to them, will use the contaminants in the water for growth and reproduction, resulting in a clean effluent going to the Mississippi River.  Continue reading below for more details in this process.


PChem Plant: Physical-Chemical Treatment

The PChem Plant uses physical-chemical treatment processes to treat the wastewater from the local industries.  These processes use physical means, such as skimmers for oil removal, and chemical means, such as lime addition for neutralization, in order treat the wastewater.  These treatment processes prepare the industrial wastewater to be mixed with the municipal water at the American Bottoms Plant in order to undergo biological treatment.  The physical-chemical treatment processes are necessary to ensure the industrial wastewater does not have a negative effect on the bugs performing the biological treatment at the American Bottoms Plant.  Continue reading below for more details about all of the physical-chemical treatments the PChem Plant uses.